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Neurovision Consulting

Romain Grosjean HAAS F1 Neurovision Client: Having a 15/10 value on classic vision tests, I must admit that I had never questioned myself about my ability to see my surroundings properly. It is very lucky for a Formula One driver to have such a good vision. However, when I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Matter and Romain Bordas, I was delighted with their invitation to try out the Neurovision Consulting protocols, and I was immediately struck by the initial sensations. First, my surroundings started going by in slow motion, allowing me to better grasp every detail around me even at 300 km/h in a Formula 1 car.

Then, the extent of my visual field increased; my visual field now helps me take into account many more parameters than before. I can anticipate better and I can grasp every component of the scenery without even realizing its existence. This can become decisive at the start of a Formula One Grand Prix.

I am now getting better and better, which motivates me to go further, because each new sensation makes me more competitive and more alert. This protocol has really made me gain in performance and safety.

At Performance Physixx our Clients will have access to both the Geneva based Consultancy and their Los Angeles Office Headed by Sean Hampton MPT.

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Performance Prime

Performance Prime develops and delivers performance-oriented programs & products that are designed to help individuals and teams realize their competitive goals. Our clients come from many walks of life – athletes from a multitude of sports, business and occupational professionals from a wide range of enterprises – but they share a common ambition: to be successful at the highest levels of the performance world in which they work or compete.

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Rejoov Wellness

At Rejoov Wellness we truly believe this statement – Your nutrition DOES affect all areas of your life and well being – from your energy, to your sleep, weight, health, and every day performance. This is why we offer a variety of nutritional counseling services depending on your needs. We also believe that functional nutrition can boost the success of your results by using a science based approach matched to your goals. You will improve your overall quality of life using this approach. Rejoov Wellness offers both Individual or Group Consultations as well as Sports Team Education talks led by Registered Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist, Meg Mangano. Working together we do an evaluation and put develop a plan that fits your goals and needs and then with regular sessions to discuss progress, challenges and tweak your program – we can continue to see the results you desire. Contact Meg to book an initial consultation today.

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Silvey Sports Consultancy

Silvey Sports, a Sports Management Consultancy, provides racing drivers with Sporting and Commercial support required to succeed in a crowded and competitive industry, both on and off the track.

Services include sponsorship sales and activation, PR and media, strategy and career planning, driver placement and negotiation, driver development and performance coaching plans and reviews.


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